American Job Center Scholarships

Start a New Career with a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Training Scholarship

Going back to school to complete a program or get re-trained in a new skill can be the gateway to higher wages and increased  job options.  Scholarships are awarded based on applicant suitability, eligibility and the availability of training funds. Training must be for an occupation listed on the targeted occupations list for Tennessee. Training on the list is available from the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology, Community Colleges or other certified programs.

How to apply

Career Advisors at an American Job Center will first meet with you to determine your options, your existing skills and education, and then research the occupations that fit your career goals.

Evaluation process includes the following:

  • What your training options and/or limitations may be.
  • Completing a skills assessment (may include reading/math testing, interests aptitudes and other tests to determine which careers and/or jobs might be a good match for you.)
  • Researching your career goals ( Availability of jobs in your chosen field, wages you can realistically expect, growth expectations for the occupation, required training and certifications in the field, financial planning).
  • Your application will be reviewed and eligibility verified.

Critical Financial Information

  • Do not attend classes or pay in advance for any training that you expect to be paid for by WIOA funding until your training plan is completed, signed and approved by you and your Career Advisor.
  • A voucher for payment for training is the only approved method of payment under WIOA.
  • Consult with your Career Advisor before signing any loan applications or contracts.
  • This program does not provide direct reimbursement to the student.

If You are Not Eligible for WIOA Training

You may not be considered "most in need" of training if you have had recent training or attained a recognized technical school certificate, college degree or diploma (two years or less). A case-by-case determination will be made as to the marketability of a prior degree or certificate. You can also apply for the HOPE scholarship, Pell Grants, and free training through TN Promise.


Insuring Your Outcome is Employment

During your training, maintain monthly contact with your Career Advisor about your progress. Within 30 days of completing your training, contact your Career Advisor to begin job search preparation. Complete your training as well as any required testing for licenses and/or certifications. Begin your job search immediately and contact your Career Advisor if you need additional assistance. Check in with your Career Advisor every three months for a year after training with your progress.