Career Readiness Certificates

Employees must continually build their skills in order to be successful in today’s market. Preparing for and achieving career readiness certification is an effective way to build skills and gain a nationally recognized credential that acts as proof of that skill.

Career Readiness Certification was developed by ACT, Inc to help employees gain skills and to help employers make better decisions during the hiring process. Tennessee issues career readiness certificates to individuals who have tested at or above the third WorkKeys level on all three tests.

Stand out from the crowd

The American workforce pipeline consists of high school, college, university, and adult training program graduates, the unemployed and incarcerated, returning retirees, and the currently employed. Employers need reliable ways to measure foundational skills to ensure they are hiring the most qualified, trainable candidates.


Since Tennessee began conferring career readiness certifications, employers have said that training time has decreased, recruiting time has decreased and surveys of employees have found that employees are more satisfied.

  • CRC increases your chances for employment and promotion.
  • CRC focuses on employment-related competencies needed in any career.
  • CRC provides training to help you obtain certification.
  • CRC is a portable credential recognized by employers.
  • CRC builds confidence that skills meet the needs of local employers.

Employer Benefits

  • CRC simplifies hiring by streamlining the application process.
  • CRC reduces turnover, overtime, and waste while increasing morale.
  • CRC takes the guesswork out of your selection decisions.
  • CRC establishes legal defensibility in your selection process.
  • CRC assists you to meet ISO 9000 standards
  • CRC gets the most efficiency from your training practices.
  • CRC improves the effectiveness of your training dollars.

Success Steps

Step 1 – Career Advisement Lab

Visit a Tennessee American Job Center nearest you. During your first visit, you will work with an instructor to assess your current skills and develop a training plan to develop the skills you lack and hone the skills you already possess. Your first visit is free and no appointment is necessary.

Step 2 – Career Readiness Lab

Follow your training plan and develop the skills you need. This can be done in person at a Tennessee American Job Centers.

Step 3 – WorkKeys Tests

Once you have completed your training plan, determine if you are ready to take the WorkKeys tests. If not, you may develop a new training plan and continue to work toward gaining the skills you need. If you have met your goals, then register for and take the WorkKeys tests.

Step 4 – Take the WorkKeys Tests

To assess your skill level, develop the skills you need to do well on the WorkKeys tests, and register for the tests, visit one of the Tennessee American Job Centers.