Drug-Free Workplace Program

The Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace Program is designed to increase productivity for Tennessee employers and promote safe worksites for employees by promoting drug- and alcohol-free workplaces.  Worksites where workers are not impaired by drugs and alcohol are safer worksites and can operate in an enhanced competitive position that is free from the costs, delays, and tragedies that accompany workplace accidents resulting from substance abuse-related injuries.  Employers are not required to join this program; however, if the reasons in this description are not compelling enough, there are several other points explained below that an employer should consider.

About The Program

Learn how your company can benefit from implementing a Drug-Free Workplace program.

How to Get Started

Download the application and other resources like our template policy document.

Drug Testing

Visit the list of drugs required to be tested along with common questions and answers about drug testing.

What Employers Say About the Program

We feel like having the program makes our employees more responsible for their actions which makes for a safer workplace.
We first got involved with the program so that "word of mouth" among the city's construction labor pool would recognize us as a company that took safety and the drug-free status as important. We didn't want to be known as a company that didn't do drug tests.

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Need More Help?

If you have additional questions, please call 615-532-4812 or contact DFW.Program@tn.gov.