Uninsured Employers Fund (UEF)

The Uninsured Employers Fund works to assure a fair and competitive business environment by enforcing Tennessee's Workers' Compensation law. The law requires most businesses to protect their employees from the negative consequences of workplace injuries by maintaining workers' compensation insurance. Businesses who illegally fail to maintain workers' compensation insurance or who illegally misclassify employees as "independent contractors" or "subcontractors" are subject to financial penalties. These fines are collected by the State and are used to provide workers' compensation benefits to any eligible employee who is injured while working for an illegally uninsured employer.

Financial Penalties for Violating the Law

Businesses may be assessed a financial penalty equal to 1.5 times the employer's total estimated annual premium.

Report Employers

To report employers that are violating the law, please submit this Request for Investigation form to UEF.Compliance@tn.gov or call 800-332-2667 and ask to speak to the UEF Program.

Verify Coverage Online

Search for an employer's workers' compensation insurance coverage on the Coverage Verification website by NCCI. You can also receive notifications by email if an employer cancels workers' compensation insurance coverage early. Read the User Guide for instructions on how to register for this service. 

Compensation for Injured Workers

If someone is injured while working for an employer who does not have proper insurance coverage, the UEF program may be able to pay for medical bills and missed wages due to injury. Five main qualifications must be met before becoming eligible as a beneficiary of the fund.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Employed by an uninsured employer who is required to be covered
  • Suffered an injury on or after July 1, 2015, primarily within the course and scope of employment
  • Tennessee resident on the date of injury
  • Notified us (within 60 days of the injury) that the injury occurred and your employer lacks the required workers' compensation insurance
    • If the work-related injury occurred on or after 6/22/2020, the notice requirement extends to 180 days.
  • Receives a court decision from the Court of Workers' Compensation Claims against the employer

If you believe you may be eligible for funds from this program, notify us by contacting our UEF Claims Manager at 901-543-0042. A UEF Compliance Investigator will be assigned to gather facts relating to eligibility in addition to the employer investigation.

Potential Benefits Provided by the Fund

After the Workers' Compensation Administrator accepts an applicant into the fund, a maximum payment of $40,000 total can be awarded.

Benefit Monetary Limits
Medical Causation evaluation Varies
Temporary Disability Benefits Up to $20,000.00
Medical Benefits Up to $20,000.00

Need More Help?

If you have additional questions, please call 615-532-4812 or 800-332-2667 or contact us by email at wc.info@tn.gov. Find out about other available assistance programs by contacting an ombudsman