REWARD Employer Support Network


The REWARD Employer Support Network is an ever-growing group of Tennessee employers who are interested in (or are already) running great return-to-work programs. 

Join fellow employers by attending a meeting. You’ll hear and be encouraged by the sharing of ideas and best practices. The group meets quarterly, online via Microsoft Teams and sometimes in-person in Tennessee cities. 

There’s no fee to participate. Listen in or share your experiences about your return-to-work practices during a meeting. 

Get Involved

  1. Join Mailing List. Receive announcements for upcoming meetings. Join or unsubscribe anytime.
  2. Join LinkedIn Group. This LinkedIn group provides a platform where employers can ask questions and share knowledge and resources with each other. In addition, the Bureau may post questions or information, serve as a resource, and post notices of upcoming events.

What We Talk About

Our conversations explore new topics and circle back to topics that we need to always keep in mind; so, no question is ever “already discussed” but rather, always relevant. 

Some topics include:

  • Communicating the return-to-work process to all employees in the event an injury occurs 
  • The benefits to employers and injured workers when a viable return-to-work program has been established in the workplace
  • Communicating with injured workers when off from work due to the injury
  • Improving the culture with simple tips, removing stigma or uncertainty
  • Access to care issues in locating medical providers to put on a medical panel, especially in rural areas
  • The benefits of providing work within work restrictions

The Bureau’s Role in the Network

This group is supported by the Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, which schedules the meetings. These meetings are open conversations where we listen and promote the networking of like-minded employers across industry lines.

Success Stories

Whether you consider your company an “industry leader” or just had a really good idea that is working for your organization, share your best practice by submitting a success story to be shared with the group.