Certified Physician Program


The CPP application process starts with registering for our online course, "Best Practices for Treating and Evaluating Injured Workers".


All parties in a workers’ compensation claim can benefit from the practices taught to physicians in this program. 


  • Find physicians easier 
  • Lower claims costs with better trained physicians
  • A shared focus on return to work

Injured Workers

  • A quicker return to work
  • Better access to healthcare 
  • Better health outcomes and a potential reduction in long-term disability 


  • Greater visibility and expanded practice
  • Enhanced fees 
  • Continuing Medical Education Credits granted for CPP training modules
  • Automatic qualification for appointment to the Medical Impairment Rating (MIR) Registry
  • Learn “Best Practices for Treating and Evaluating Injured Workers” 
  • Greater clarity, confidence, and access to additional resources 

Certified Physician Registry

View the database of physicians who are officially recognized by the Tennessee Bureau of Workers' Compensation as certified physicians.

Accepted Certification Providers

For appointments to the (MIR) Registry or the Certified Physician Program (CPP) Registry, physicians must also be certified in the AMA Guides®, 6th Edition, through an approved vendor. This prerequisite makes sure that doctors who treat injured workers in Tennessee know how to accurately evaluate medical disabilities.

  • CIR (Certified Impairment Rater)
  • CMLE (Certified Medicolegal Evaluator)
  • CIME (Certified Independent Medical Examiner)

Contact the CPP Coordinator to learn about special discounts for Tennessee physicians.

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