Dr. Hazlewood Receives 2024 Sue Ann Head Award

Recognizing Excellence in Workers' Compensation
Thursday, June 13, 2024 | 01:30pm
Jeffrey Hazlewood, MD

The Tennessee Bureau of Workers' Compensation is proud to announce Dr. Jeffrey Hazlewood as the recipient of the 2024 Sue Ann Head Award for Excellence in Workers' Compensation. Named after Sue Ann Head, who led the Tennessee Workers' Compensation Division for over 30 years, the award honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the well-being of Tennessee workers and the overall strength of the state's workers' compensation system. 

A physical medicine and rehabilitation physician with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Hazlewood is board-certified in both Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine. His extensive experience, dedication to education, and positive impact on patient care and system knowledge make him a deserving recipient of the award. 

Nancy Kelly, a nurse case manager at Averitt wrote in her nomination, “I have witnessed firsthand the impact of what a kind, considerate healthcare professional can do! Dr. Hazlewood has treated some of the most complicated, complex workers' compensation cases and has helped us move these individuals to some form of recovery.” 

Kitty Boyte, attorney and 2023 Sue Ann Head Award recipient wrote, “You simply cannot discuss the medical aspect of workers’ compensation in Tennessee without mentioning Dr. Hazlewood. Although a small-town practitioner, Dr. Hazlewood is known throughout the state of Tennessee as an expert in the medical aspects of workers’ compensation, and is respected as such by employees, employee attorneys, employers. attorneys for employers, and other medical providers in the field of workers’ compensation.” 

He is a member of the Medical Impairment Rating Registry and is trained on the AMA Guides, essential tools for evaluating work-related injuries. Dr. Hazlewood previously served as assistant medical director for the Tennessee Bureau of Workers' Compensation. Recognized for his expertise in treating complex worker injuries, he advocates for non-surgical interventions and holistic care and actively educates stakeholders on relevant guidelines and contributes to the system by advocating for injured worker recovery. 

A distinguished panel of previous recipients of the Award served as judges for the award. 

The Sue Ann Head Award recognizes the crucial role individuals like Dr. Hazlewood play in fostering a strong workers' compensation system. All five finalists serve as an inspiration to others working to improve workplace safety and ensure fair access to benefits for all Tennessean workers injured on the job.