Court of Workers' Compensation Claims

The Tennessee Legislature passed comprehensive Workers’ Compensation reform legislation in 2013 that went into effect in 2014. The reform created a new, administrative Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims within the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. The Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims adjudicates disputed claims if the date of injury is on or after July 1, 2014. Our mission is to provide a fair, efficient, and professional system to employees and employers that will promote economic prosperity for all Tennesseans. Our vision is to operate the best workers’ compensation system in the Southeast. We operate with core values: unimpeachable ethics, honesty, superior customer service, devotion to the pursuit of excellence, impartiality, fairness, integrity and efficiency. 

Standing Order on Settlement Approvals for Residents of Montgomery, Stewart and Houston Counties

Effective March 1, 2023, requests for settlement approval for residents of these counties must be presented at the Montgomery County Courthouse and may not be presented in Nashville.

The Judges of the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ Compensation Judges appointed by the Administrator of the Bureau preside over courtrooms in each of the Bureau's area offices. The judges are:

Brian Addington

Pamela Johnson

Shaterra R. Marion

Joshua Baker

Lisa Lowe

Ken Switzer, Chief Judge

Robert Durham

Amber Luttrell
Jackson & Memphis

Dale Tipps

Audrey Headrick

Allen Phillips
Jackson & Memphis

Thomas Wyatt

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Downloadable Templates

We have set up templates of common documents that we process during a case.

Additional Assistance

If you need help in completing forms such as a Petition for Benefit Determination or a Request for Expedited Hearing, may be able to provide additional assistance.

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