Contact Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation Contact Information

Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation

220 French Landing Drive
Nashville, TN 37243-1002

Phone 800-332-2667 (within Tennessee) or 615-532-4812

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TN Bureau of Workers' Compensation

To Request Assistance

Phone (800) 332-2667 or (615) 532-4812

If you have questions about the workers’ compensation laws or rules or need assistance with a workers’ compensation claim, please call the phone number above.

To Request Copies Of A Workers' Compensation File

Phone (615) 532-9495 or Fax (615) 253-8539 

Workers’ compensation claims are considered confidential and are not available to the public.  However, if you are a party to the claim and need a copy of the claims file, you may request a copy of your file.  You must submit your request by fax to 615-253-8539 or in writing to the following address:

Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
ATTN:  Records Custodian
220 French Landing Drive
Nashville, Tennessee 37243

To Obtain Name & Address Of Insurance Carrier For Employers

Phone (615) 532-9495 or Fax (615) 741-9916 

If you are involved in a work-related injury and would like to determine the name and contact information of the insurance carrier for the employer involved in the claim, you can call the number above.  You will need to provide enough information to prove that you are a party to the claim.

Request For Work History Information: Prior Work Injuries

Phone (615) 253-1842 or Fax (615) 532-8546

If you are an employer and you would like to verify the truthfulness of a job applicant’s response on a job application concerning prior workplace injuries, you may request such information by fax to 615-532-8546.

To Obtain a State File Number

Phone (615) 532-1313 

If you need to know the State File Number assigned to your claim, or if you are an attorney representing a party involved in a workers’ compensation claim, and need to know the State File number, please call the phone number above.