Required Posters

Employers are required by law to share information with their employees on employment laws and provide other work-related information. They should be posted in a prominent place where employees have access such as a break room or time-clock area.

Required State Posters  for Tennessee Employers

TOSHA Safety and Health Poster Revised March 2016

TN Unemployment Insurance Poster Revised March 2017

Wage Regulation/Child Labor Poster Revised May 2024

Workers' Compensation Posting Notice (Korean) Revised April 2018

Discrimination in Employment from the TN Human Rights Commission Revised July 2014

Required Federal Posters (USDOL)

Federal Posters (New USERRA poster now online)

Minimum Wage Poster

If you have Spanish-Speaking Employees or Child Labor

TOSHA Safety and Health Poster (Spanish) Revised April 2017

TN Unemployment Insurance Poster (Spanish) Revised April 2017

Wage Regulation/Child Labor Poster (Spanish) Revised April 2017

Workers' Compensation Posting Notice (Spanish) Revised April 2018

Recommended, but not required

Human Trafficking Poster from the TN Bureau of Investigation (BulgarianFrenchRussian)

Right to Work Poster Revised June 2012

Drug Free Workplace (apply before posting)

Fraud Free Workplace