WARN Sample Notice

Sample WARN Notice



TN Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development
Dislocated Worker Unit  Attn: Nicholas Bishop Director
220 French Landing Drive
Nashville, TN 37243

Dear Director,

This notice is being provided to you pursuant to the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act of 1988, which requires employers to give official notice to certain government units or officials of a pending mass layoff or permanent closure.

This is to advise you that on September 1, 20XX (Company Name) located at (Street Address, City/Town, Zip Code)

will permanently reduce the number of employees (or will permanently close the facility). The number of employees affected is_______. A list of the affected positions in enclosed. Affected employees (do/do not) have bumping rights.


Employees are not represented by a union. (Or: The union representing the employees at this facility is ______________and its chief elected official is ____________.  The telephone number is (    ) ____-_______ and the address is ___________________________________.

For further information, please contact me (or other contact person's name and title) at (    ) ______- ___________. 


______________________ (name)
______________________ (job title)

List of Affected Positions

JOB TITLE                                                                  TOTAL

ASSEMBLY                                                                       30
DISTRIBUTION                                                                 2
CLERICAL/ADMINISTRATIVE                                         3
SUPERVISORS                                                                  2

TOTAL                                                                              37

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