Rules, Interpretations, and Laws

The Board of Boiler Rules, which is attached to the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, promulgates rules and regulations for the safe operation, proper installation, repair, and use of boilers and pressure vessels. In addition, the board hears matters involving boilers and pressure vessels, interprets rules, and provides case opinions. Case and rule interpretations were established to clarify the intent of existing rules or provide alternative requirements. Laws pertaining to boilers and pressure vessels can be found in Tenn. Code. Ann. § 68-122-101, et. seq.  

A complete listing of the Board of Boiler Rules have been provided. Rules begin at 0800-03-03-.01 and end at 0800-03-03-.14.

Laws associated with boilers and pressure vessels are available on LexisNexis. The law begins at Tenn. Ann. Code § 68-122-101 and includes health, safety and environmental protection guidelines.


Boiler Unit

Justin Miller
Chief Boiler Inspector