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Apply for a Repair/Erection License Use this form to request a license to engage in the erection, repair, and/or alteration of boilers and pressure vessels in Tennessee.
Need repairs? View our 2024 list of TN Licensed Erection / Repair Companies.
Application for Certificate of Competency/ Commission Use this form to request a Certificate of Competency to work in the state of Tennessee. Applicants must be an inspector of a boiler or pressure vessel company. this form expires annually and must be renewed prior to December 31.

Replacement of Stamped Data Form

Use this form to request replacement of a stamped data and/or nameplate.
Second Hand Form Use this form for permission to install or re-install a second-hand boiler or pressure vessel formerly operated in Tennessee, another state, or internationally. These boilers and pressure vessels must be stamped and equivalent to Tennessee's construction standard.

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