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These resources will help you meet TOSHA requirements, provide a format for annual training, and help employees work safely.

Fact Sheets

Sharps Injury Prevention List and Information

In all workplaces where employees are exposed to contaminated needles or other contaminated sharps, the employer shall comply with 29CFR 1910.1030, Tennessee Code Annotated 50-3-203(e)(1)-(e)(4) and Tennessee Rule 0800-1-10. This fact sheet will assist employers in complying with changes within T.C.A.

Dry Ice Hazard Alert

An informative sheet about the hazards of carbon dioxide (dry ice)

COVID-19 National Emphasis Program Alert Letter

An informational sheet explaining the national emphasis program on COVID-19 as well as methods the employer may use to protect employees


Excavating and Trenching Video

A short, informative video that provides guidance on both the dangers and prevention methods for excavating and trenching.

TOSHA Special Emphasis Programs Video

This video discusses the four areas for which TOSHA has Special Emphasis Programs:

Fall Protection, Noise, Carbon Monoxide, Trenching and Excavating.

Bloodborne Pathogens Video

TOSHA explains how workers can protect themselves from Bloodborne Pathogens such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV.

TOSHA Hazard Communications Video

TOSHA explains how to handle and identify hazardous chemicals. Proper storage and use of PPE to remain safe from chemical injuries is also discussed.

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Hazard Communication En Español

Personal Protective Equipment: Your Responsibilities Video

TOSHA explains how employees can wear and maintain gloves, mask, and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) properly.

PPE Employer: Last Line of Defense Video


What To Do Booklet

How to be in compliance with the Hazard Communication Standard and the Tennessee Hazardous Chemical Right-to-Know Law.