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DGS Cares is an initiative that began September 2019 and part of its programming is meant to focus on the four areas of Working for a Healthier Tennessee. DGS Cares also represents the people of DGS caring for one another by encouraging each other to be more engaged while working and to make choices that support a healthy mind, body and life. Together, we can build stronger teams across the department and lead more balanced lives.

The DGS Cares Planning Team also functions as the department's Wellness Council and includes representatives of all five divisions within the department. The team meets the first Thursday of each month at 2 p.m. (except for December and July), and all DGS employees are welcome to attend. Monthly activities and programs planned by this group include everything from wellness webinars, baby picture guessing games, time for connecting with co-workers and more.

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Annual Celebration Awards

Wellness Warriors Award - Division C
Well-being Award - Division C
Healthy Eating - Division C

Well-being - Division C
Healthy Eating - Division C
Most Creative

Healthy Eating - Division C

Julie holding the Most Creative Wellness Council certificate

Wellness Council Chair Julie Hannah holds up the certificate for Most Creative Wellness Council.


Wellness Council Chair

Wellness Coordinator