Physical Activity

Working for a Healthier Tennessee has created a number of activities and challenges for each of our focus areas. You can use these as-is or easily customize them for your department. If you need assistance with customizing a challenge to meet your needs, please reach out to your WFHTN Wellness Coordinator. Once you've completed an activity or challenge, please ask participants to fill out this survey so we can create the best possible wellness programs and activities for you.

You can use this sign-up sheet and this customizable flier for most challenges you host.

Most of our activity and challenge trackers are fillable PDF forms for your convenience. In some cases, the fillable format will not work, so we have created step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process of completing these activities electronically.

  • How to Start a Walking Club (Tracking Sheet) - Get your co-workers together to engage in more activity for optimal health.
  • Pass the Baton (Tracking Sheet) - Create a baton, mimicking those used in Olympic team relays. The first participant will begin the challenge by completing the department-determined walking route (or distance) and pass the baton to the next participant.
  • Physical Activity Wellness Wheel (Worksheet) - Take a moment to see where you're putting energy. This quick and easy activity is bound to show you ways to add more movement into your day.
  • O' Fitness Tree Challenge - Make exercise a daily habit and move for seven days straight. Complete each day's challenge which consists of a 5- to 15-minute exercise video.
  • Find Your Flow Yoga Challenge (Calendar) - Take on this beginner-friendly challenge to discover which style of yoga feels good to you by trying a variety of forms (seated, standing and on the floor), while also boosting physical and mental health.
  • Mother Nature Calls (Tracker) - The spring, summer and fall seasons provide a wonderful opportunity to get out there and have some fun. Enjoy this challenge that incorporates many free resources provided by the Departments of Tourist Development and Agriculture.
  • 28-Day Core Challenge (Tracker) - Follow the provided schedule and mark off each day you complete the challenge. A description of the core exercises is also provided.
  • 600-Minute Challenge (Pledge FormTracker) - This challenge will help motivate you to stand and walk more often at work, while providing health benefits. This four-week challenge encourages employees to be physically active for 600+ minutes at work for a four-week period.
  • Exercise Across TN Challenge (Individual Tracking SheetTeam Tracking Sheet) - This 4+-week exercise program is a self-paced program. Participants will use the exercise conversion chart to determine mile equivalents for their workout routines and try to make their way around the state of Tennessee.
  • Find YOUR Fitness Challenge (Worksheet) - Uncover ways to be physically active that are enjoyable to YOU to help you find the best physical activity fit for YOU!
  • Flexibility Challenge BINGO (BINGO Board) - Did you know that flexibility is one of the four types of exercise (along with strength, balance and endurance) that keeps our bodies at their best? This four-week challenge will help you engage in more flexibility exercise for optimal health.
  • Flights to Fitness Challenge (TrackerHandout) - This challenge is designed to encourage employees to take the stairs instead of the elevator when possible. Participants will log each flight of stairs climbed in a day. 
  • Get Fit Bit by Bit Challenge (Tracker) - If you're mindful of the little things you can do to turn your daily tasks into a "mini-workout," you'll be surprised at how much better you'll feel! Participants receive one point per activity each day they do any of the activities listed on the handouts provided. The goal is to complete at least five activities each day.
  • Get Low Challenge (How to Properly Perform a Squat and Lunge, Tracking Sheet: BeginnerIntermediate or Advanced) - This challenge is designed to encourage employees to build strength in their quadriceps and hamstrings. The goal of this challenge is to complete the specified number of squats and lunges each day.
  • Hike the Smokies Challenge (Trail List and Tracker) - This challenge is designed to encourage employees to move more. Log your daily miles. A handout is provided to convert any type of aerobic activity to miles. When you reach the end of one trail, start "hiking" the next trail until you complete all 260.5 miles of trails.
  • Jump Rope Challenge - Follow the guide provided and complete the suggested amount of jumps each day.
  • Mile-Per-Day Challenge (Tracker) - Choose from a provided list of different aerobic activities each day and complete the minimum minutes to equal one mile. Aim to complete one mile per day of physical activity.
  • Mix Up Your Moves Challenge (Tracker) - You won't know if you enjoy something until you try it! The goal of this challenge is to complete each suggested daily workout video to try a variety of types of exercise.
  • Physical Activity BINGO - Aim to complete the activities in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) within a week or complete ALL activities within a month. You should only count one activity per day towards your BINGO.
  • Physical Activity Challenge Starter Kit - Create your own physical activity challenge. Use these resources to help you plan and facilitate. Weekly tips are provided to keep you motivated.
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  • Planksgiving Challenge (Handout) - Complete a plank for the specific amount of time each day in November. Do planks and give thanks!
  • Spring Yourselfie Into Action (Tracker) - Add a few more opportunities to increase your daily step count.
  • Steps Challenge  (Tracker) - Take the stairs, walk at lunch and during breaks or have a walking meeting. Walk as many steps as possible. The ultimate goal is 10,000 steps per day.