TNInvestco is a state-sponsored, venture capital program in which 10 venture capital firms from across the state, "TNInvestcos," are managing proceeds from $200 million in tax credits. This program was designed to provide capital to high-growth, transformational businesses in Tennessee. The TNInvestco program is one of several programs designed by TNECD to help develop Tennessee's entrepreneurial infrastructure, attract capital to the state, diversify the state’s economy and create “anchors” or “clusters” of business innovation that will result in the creation or spin off of new job-creating companies. 

Each TNInvestco is required to submit a letter of confirmation to the state each time an investment is made.


Council & Enhanced


Memphis Biomed Ventures Tennessee I


Solidus-TNInvestco, LLC

Tennessee Angel Fund

Tennessee Community Venture Fund, LLC

TriStar Technology Fund, LLC

XMi High Growth Development Fund, LLC