Becoming a Firewise Community

The steps to become a nationally recognized Firewise community are discussed in detail in the Tennessee Firewise Desk Reference. Click here to access it, then go to Section 3. for the details. Basically, a community has to form a Firewise Committee and then working with TDF and the local fire department do a community assessment and complete a Community Wildfire Protection Plan. Lastly, the community must hold a Firewise Day and submit an application. Communities becoming nationally recognized are automatically eligible to apply for a Tennessee Division of Forestry “Hazard Mitigation” grants. Click here to read about grants in Section 4. of the Firewise Desk Reference.

Community Wildfire Protection Plans. As the name implies, Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP) are designed to make communities safer from wildfire. The Division of Forestry assists communities and counties throughout this planning process. In Tennessee, completing a CWPP is part of becoming a nationally recognized Firewise Community. Click here to view a sample CWPP. To view and download a blank CWPP, Click here.