CPM Schedules

The Critical Path Method (CPM) focuses on the relationship of the critical activities, specifically those which must be completed before other activities are started. Working from the project's beginning and defining individual project tasks and the number of days to perform each task, a logical diagrammatic representation of the project is developed. A CPM depicts which tasks of a project will change the completion date if they are not completed on time. Because of the size and complexity of most projects, this method is most often applied using a computer software program.

In accordance with Section 108.03(C) of the Standard Specifications, a computerized CPM schedule is required from the contractor when the project duration is greater than 24 months, or when it is required by Contract.

Training materials and resources on CPM schedules are located at the bottom of this page.

Within the Construction Division, both at Headquarters and regionally, there are Power-Users who have access to CPM software and advanced knowledge in CPM schedules. These Power‐Users are available as a resource to provide assistance (such as running reports or checking the TIA) as needed.

Power-User Contacts

Laura Doss
Phone: 615.532.7445
Email: Laura.Doss@tn.gov
Region 1 (Knoxville)
Jeremy Melton
Phone: 865.594.4535
Email: Jeremy.Melton@tn.gov
Region 2 (Chattanooga)
Eric Sloan
Phone: 931.456.7216
Email: Eric.Sloan@tn.gov
Region 3 (Nashville)
Crystal Abbott
Phone: 615.350.4382
Email: Crystal.Abbott@tn.gov
Region 4 (Jackson)
Jacob McKinnis
Phone: 731.855.7822
Email: Jacob.McKinnis@tn.gov