Coffee Co. SR-55 (Wilson Ave.)

From First Ave. to SR-16 (US-41A, N. Jackson St.) in Tullahoma. (PIN 101589.01)

Review Dates:     November 29 - December 1, 2022    

Deadline to Submit Letter of Interest:     November 16, 2022      


Letter of Interest - Coffee Co. SR-55 - 101589.01 - Constructability Review

Note: Participation in this review is voluntary, non-compensable, and will not prevent you from submitting a bid for the project.  Anything you choose to share will remain in confidence.  Any Contractor that is prequalified with TDOT's Construction Division may request participation by completing and submitting a Letter of Interest to Shawna Smith at


101589.01 Project Map


Project Pictures

This project extends 0.64 mile from First Ave. to SR-16 in Tullahoma, Coffee County. The typical section includes five (5) 11-ft lanes with curbs, gutters, and sidewalks. The project also includes the replacement of the existing bridge over North Fork Rock Creek and the Rock Creek Greenway. The existing structure is a 4-span, 52-ft wide, 156-ft long structure. The proposed bridge is a 2-span, 80-ft wide, 169.5-ft long structure. The proposed structure will be over-widened by 6 feet to the south to allow for phase construction of the bridge.

Challenges to the project include utilities, drainage, historic properties, the Rock Creek Greenway, and maintenance of traffic in a tight urban condition.

Several overhead and underground utilities run along the corridor and the existing bridge. Overhead utilities also cross the roadway along the eastern bridge abutment. Several large drainage pipes and structures are also proposed along the roadway and near the bridge and greenway.

Two historical properties have been identified on the project: the Oakwood Cemetery (Tract 36) and the Coca-Cola building (Tract 33). The proposed impacts to these properties have both been coordinated with the State Historic Preservation Office, but any changes to the impacts would require additional coordination.

The Rock Creek Greenway must remain open and operational at all times during construction. A detour plan has been developed which will connect the greenway to the existing sidewalk on SR-55, cross the state route, and tie back to the greenway on the other side of the bridge. 

Project Inventory

Mainline Length: 0.64 Miles
Design Speed: 35-40 mph
Typical Section: Five (5) 11-ft lanes with curb and gutter and 5-ft sidewalks
Intersecting Roads: Cedar Lane, Maplehill Drive, N. Collins Street, Big Springs Avenue, Craft Lane, Grau Lane, Campbell Avenue
Bridge: 169.5 feet, 2-span, concrete box beams, over North Fork Rock Creek and Rock Creek Greenway
Traffic Signals: Cedar Lane, SR-16 (US-41A, N. Jackson Street)


  • Utilities
  • Maintaining Traffic
  • Construction Phasing
  • Historic Properties
  • Drainage
  • Greenway