CEI Invoicing

For questions concerning CEI invoices, contact:

Laura Doss
Phone: 615.532.7445
Email: Laura.Doss@tn.gov

Invoice Template and Requirements

CEI Consultant Invoice Template Instructions

CEI Consultant Invoice Template - For contracts under new policy 301-01, Effective 7/15/20

CEI Consultant Invoice Template

CEI Consultant Invoice Requirements

Edison Access

Supplier access into Edison (Tennessee's Enterprise Resource Planning Solution) may be obtained by contacting the Supplier Maintenance Group by email at Supplier.Maintenance@tn.gov or by phone at (615) 741-9745.  They will guide you through the process of setting up access into Edison to track invoices (vouchers).

Indirect Costs/Overhead Rates

Indirect costs/overhead rates are managed by the External Audit and Fiscal Monitoring Office.  For more information, please contact:

Lance Goad
Phone: 615.253.4275
Email: Lance.Goad@tn.gov