TDOT Strategic Direction

Having a clear strategic direction helps the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) to provide a safe and effective transportation system for our citizens and visitors to our state, make decisions about our investments and resources, and prepare and work toward the vision for the future. TDOT has adopted a strategic management approach that focuses on positioning the organization to effectively fulfill its mission both now and in the future. TDOT’s Office of Strategic Planning is primarily responsible for assisting in the development and implementation of the organization’s strategic plan.

TDOT’s Strategic Direction is comprised of 5 key components including the Mission, Vision, Values, 4-Year Strategic Plan, and TDOT's Annual Customer Focused Government Operational Plan found below.

Mission - The mission states TDOT's overall purpose and function in serving our customers.

To provide a safe and reliable transportation system that supports economic growth and quality of life.

Vision - The vision defines the desired state TDOT would like to achieve in the future.

Commitment to excellence in managing and improving the state's transportation system, promoting the success of our employees, and strengthening the trust of our customers.

Values - These values define how the organization and our people are expected to operate and work with others as we develop and deliver products and services.

Stewardship - we take the best possible care of our assets
Integrity - we are professional, honest, and do the right thing
Safety - we identify and mitigate hazardous conditions for our employees, contractors, and the traveling public
Consistency - we are reliable and uniform in our actions and words
Development - we continually grow and share our knowledge, expertise, and experience
Innovation - we look for new and emerging ways to serve our customers
Collaboration -
we work together internally and with our partners to share ideas, skills, and insights to get the best results
Family - we promote a culture of caring, concern for others, and pride in what we do

Strategic and Operational Plans - These plans define TDOT's blueprint for fulfillment of our mission and achievement of our vision.

TDOT Strategic Plan - TDOT's 4-year plan focuses on our long-term direction to achieve our organizational vision.

TDOT Customer Focused Government (CFG) Plan
- TDOT's annual operational plan focuses on fulfilling our mission.

Links to Other Key Departmental Plans and Reports

Strategic management requires a systems perspective.  Alignment and integration of key components help to ensure consistency of plans, processes, measures and actions. Other plans of strategic importance to TDOT include the following:  

  • TDOT's Top to Bottom Report (PDF) - TDOT's Top to Bottom Review provides key organizational findings and recommendations for improvement based on an assessment conducted in 2011 which included surveys, interviews, focus groups, and review of relevant reports and plans.
  • Tennessee 25-Year Transportation Plan - The Long Range Transportation Plan sets policy priorities which influence how transportation investments are prioritized across the state for the next 25 years. 

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