State Route 60 (25th Street) Intersection at State Route 74 (Ocoee Street)

Bradley County
Bradley SR 60 Intersection

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) is proposing to improve the intersection of State Route 60 (25th Street) and State Route 74 (Ocoee Street) in Cleveland, TN. This intersection collects traffic traveling to and from Interstate 75 as well as local commuter traffic. There are also several schools in the area including a local college (Lee University). The current intersection is unable to handle traffic demand as evidenced by long queue lengths and increased travel times during peak demand.

The proposed improvements include widening along each leg of the intersection by adding turning lanes and additional through lanes. Sidewalks are also proposed along each leg of the intersection, including a 10-foot sidewalk along the south side of SR 60 that will provide connectivity to the adjacent greenway. By adding a new signal, and improving the intersection layout, the project aims to reduce congestion and travel times.

This project is identified for funding in TDOT's 10-Year Project Plan, with construction scheduled for Fiscal Year 2027.

Current Status: Currently the project is in Stage 2, developing functional plans.

Estimated construction start: Fiscal Year 2027.

Funding Type: Partially federally funded with partial funding from the City of Cleveland.

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History and Background

The project began as a Feasibility Study that was developed in May 2004. In May 2022 there was renewed interest in the project, and the Feasibility Study was updated to account for current traffic demand.



Public Involvement and Engagement

TDOT estimates that a design public meeting will occur in late 2024 or early 2025 (tentatively).




Anticipate CE-D list to be completed Fall 2025.



Key Project Milestones

Project Design Initiated, August 2023

Stage 1 – Context/Scoping, April 2024.

Stage 2 - Footprint Established, October 2025.

ROW Appraisals & Acquisitions, Fiscal Year 2026

Construction, Fiscal Year 2027

*All forecasted dates are subject to change

Project Contacts

Rae-Anne Bradley
TDOT Region 2 Regional Communications Officer (Media)

Andy Parr
TDOT Region 2 Project Manager

Email: / Phone: (423) 634-6184

*Subject to change