Interstate 24

Hamilton County
Hamilton I-24

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) plans to construct improvements along the Interstate 24 corridor in Chattanooga, from the interchange with Interstate 59 in Georgia to the interchange with Interstate 124 in downtown Chattanooga. The project is intended to increase capacity, relieve congestion, and improve operations along the corridor by widening I-24 from the current four-lane section to six lanes. The first section scheduled for improvement, from Exit 175 to I-124, includes the segment adjacent to the Moccasin Bend of the Tennessee River.

Current Status: Preliminary engineering and environmental review is underway for the entire corridor.

Estimated construction start: The first segment scheduled for construction, from Exit 175 to I-124, is scheduled in TDOT’s 10-Year Project Plan to begin construction in Fiscal Year 2027.

Estimated completion*: TBD

Funding Type: TDOT anticipates that a portion of this project will be funded through the Transportation Modernization Fund.

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History and Background

A 2014 Corridor Study recommended a capacity project on I-24 within Hamilton County.  TDOT completed a more detailed Technical Report in 2018 and begin Preliminary Engineering shortly after. 

TDOT plans to deliver this project using the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) delivery method. The construction contractor will be selected during the design process to facilitate coordination and arrive at a design that reflects constructability constraints, based on the contractor’s experience and expertise.




A single Environmental Assessment (EA) will be completed for the entire corridor. Environmental review is currently underway.



Key Project Milestones

I-59 to Georgia State Line
Preliminary Engineering 2024 (underway)
Right-of-Way TBD (awaiting funding)
Construction TBD (awaiting funding)
Georgia State Line to Exit 175
Preliminary Engineering  
Right-of-Way TBD (awaiting funding)
Construction TBD (awaiting funding)
Exit 175 to I-124
Preliminary Engineering 2024 (underway)
Right-of-Way 2026 (projected)
Construction 2027 (projected)

Project Contacts

Rae Anne Bradley
TDOT Region 2 Regional Communications Officer (media)

Phone: 423.510.1164

Michael O’Donnell
TDOT Region 2 Project Management

Phone: 423-634-8622

*Subject to change