Interstate 75 Interchange at Hamilton Place Mall

Hamilton County
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The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), in partnership with the City of Chattanooga, is constructing interchange improvements at the Interstate 75 Interchange at Hamilton Place Mall. The project will improve the efficiency and sustainability of the existing transportation network, reduce delay on surface streets and provide a fully directional interchange on I-75 at Hamilton Place Boulevard.

TDOT's portion of the project, at the I-75 Interchange, will expand the interchange to a full access facility by providing for a southbound I-75 exit to Hamilton Place Boulevard and northbound I-75 access from Hamilton Place Boulevard, improve the existing ramps and intersections, and signalize several intersections. The Hamilton Place Boulevard project is a City of Chattanooga (CDOT) project. The project will widen Hamilton Place Boulevard and includes three intersections along Hamilton Place Boulevard.  

Current Status: This project is under construction.

Construction start: Summer 2023

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History and Background

The I-75 Interchange at Hamilton Place Mall (TDOT's portion of the project) includes:

  • Grading, concrete paving, and drainage of two new interstate ramps with 16-foot lanes, 6-foot inside shoulders, and 8-foot outside shoulders;
  • Three new bridges, including:
    • A new 225-foot, 2-span bridge over I-75,
    • A new 991-foot, 6-span bridge over the I-75 northbound exit ramp to Shallowford Road, and
    • A new 1,414-foot, 11-span bridge over the I-75 southbound entrance ramp from Shallowford Road;
  • Nine new retaining walls;
  • One new noise wall along the southbound side of I-75 at the north end of the project;
  • Deck repair work on the existing ramp and Shallowford Rd. bridges over I-75;
  • Concrete repair work along I-75;
  • New signing, including six new overhead signs; and
  • Interstate and ramp lighting.

The project along Hamilton Place Boulevard (the City of Chattanooga's portion of the project) will include:

  • Grading, paving, and drainage of a multilane roadway with curb & gutter, 11-foot lanes, no shoulders, and 5-foot sidewalks along the east side of the roadway;
  • Three signalized intersections;
  • One new retaining wall; and
  • Street-level lighting.

Due to the interconnected nature of the two projects, they were let to construction to the same contractor and will be administered by TDOT as a single project.

Project Contacts

Rae Anne Bradley
TDOT Region 2 Regional Communications Officer (media)
Phone: 423.510.1164

David Wagner
TDOT Region 2 District Manager
Phone: 423.478.0338