State Route 63 Improvements

Campbell and Claiborne Counties

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) is constructing improvements to State Route 63 in Campbell and Claiborne counties. The SR 63 corridor between Campbell County and Claiborne County is a principal arterial roadway. This section is a part of both the National Highway System, as well as the Appalachian Development Highway system. Within the region, SR 63 also serves as an alternate corridor for I-75 when necessary. The proposed improvements along SR 63 are intended to increase capacity, correct roadway deficiencies, and improve safety. 

Due to the size of the proposed improvements to SR 63, TDOT has divided the project into four segments. Three of the segments are currently under construction, with construction along the corridor set to conclude in 2025.

Current Status: January 22, 2024


Phase 1 and 2 of the stream mitigation in Claiborne County have been completed. Phase 3 is  currently underway. There have been 42 box culvert extensions put into place. Excavation and fill operations continuing. Phase 1 paving of the AS Mix has been completed in Campbell County.  Paving of the A Mix is underway for Campbell County. Base stone operations are progressing in Claiborne County.

 Construction start: June 2020

Estimated completion*: 2025

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History and Background

Due to the significant length of the corridor, improvements to SR 63 have been separated in four smaller sections or phases.

Campbell County:

  • From Lafollette Urban Boundary to Frontier Road/Woodson Lane
  • From Frontier Road/Woodson Lane to Campbell-Claiborne County Line

Claiborne County:

  • From Campbell-Claiborne County Line to Hall Lane
  • From west of Old Town Creek to State Route 32 (US 25E)

The sections from Lafollette to Hall Lane will be widened to four 12-foot travel lanes, with a 12-foot center turn lane. Two new traffic signals are also planned at the intersection of SR 63 and Myers Lane and the intersection of SR 63 and Middlesboro Road/Wildwood Circle.

The section from Old Town Creek to SR 32 will be reconfigured within the existing right-of-way to accommodate two 12-foot travel lanes, with a third 12-foot lane alternating between a center turn lane, a truck climbing lane, and a passing lane. This section will also include a shared-use path.


Public Involvement and Engagement

A NEPA/Design Public Meeting was held on Thursday, July 21, 2016, at Valley View Elementary School, 1187 Old Middlesboro Highway, LaFollette, Tennessee, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. The purpose of the meeting was to gather public input on the SR 63 widening projects in Campbell and Claiborne Counties.

Public Meeting Presentation 



Project Imagery & Visuals

Public Meeting Displays

Campbell County:

Claiborne County:



A NEPA/Design Public Meeting was held in 2016, at Valley View Elementary School in LaFollette, TN. 


Key Project Milestones

Campbell County
From LaFollette city limits to near Frontier Road/Woodson Lane
Construction Estimated June 2024
From near Frontier Road/Woodson Lane to Claiborne County line
Construction Estimated September 2025
Claiborne County
From Campbell County line to Hall Lane Construction Estimated September 2025
From west of Old Town Creek to SR 32
Complete September 2021

Project Contacts

Stacy Weaver (Project Manager)
TDOT Region 1

Thomas Bruce (Project Manager)
TDOT Region 1

Mark Nagi (Media Contact)
TDOT Region 1 Community Relations Officer