Office of Mobility and Accessible Transportation

Across the country, transportation remains a top barrier to inclusion for seniors and individuals with disabilities.  Accessible
transportation and mobility options are key components of community inclusion, so that seniors, individuals with disabilities, and others who use accessible transportation are able to access important destinations such as health care,
employment, and education. 

To help address this critical need, the Tennessee Accessible Transportation and Mobility Act of 2020 created a new office within the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), the Office of Mobility and Accessible Transportation.  The purpose of the Office of Mobility and Accessible Transportation is to provide resources and expertise for expanding and improving accessible transportation and mobility across the state. 

The Office of Mobility and Accessible Transportation is responsible for producing and sharing:

  • A mission statement 
  • A five-year strategic plan, and
  • An annual report about accessible transportation in Tennessee

For additional information or to submit a comment regarding the Mobility and Accessible Transportation Strategic Plan, please email 

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