IMPROVE Transit Investment Grant

Part of the “Improving Manufacturing, Public Roads, and Opportunities for a Vibrant Economy” Act signed into law in 2017 under the Haslam Administration, the IMPROVE Transit Investment Grant contributes to reducing congestion, increasing ridership, promoting economic development, and benefits to safety by providng state funding to transit-related projects. Since its inception in 2018, over 40 capital transit projects have been awarded, including the locomotive rebuild for the WeGo Star, transit bus stop improvements, capital start-up costs for a micro-transit project, and transit facilities. The grant aligns with TDOT’s vision of continuous improvement and data informed decision-making within the State of Tennessee. 

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IMPROVE SFY2022 Award Winners 

Applicant Capital Transit  Project Project Scope 
Knoxville Area Transit  Bus Stop Improvements Project will modify prioritized bus stops in the KAT service area based on passenger boarding data, public requests, feasibility, & equity considerations  $900,000
Regional Transportation Authority of Middle TN  Park & Ride Locations  Includes costs to design and construct three Park & Ride facilites in the Middle Tennessee Area  $3,000,000
Nashville- Metropolitan Transit Authority  Passenger Stop Improvements Property acquisition strategies and civil construction will be utilized  to modify five bus stops based on safety, boarding, alightings, and connections.  $900,000
Nashville- Metropolitan Transit Authority  Central Outdoor Amenities The funds will modify outdoor waiting areas at WeGo Central similar to the previously completed project on Nolensville Pike $375,000
Johnson City Transit  Transit Lot Improvement  Development of the project will consist of building a restroom facility and replacing a storage building within the bus lot  $165,000
Southeast Tennessee Human Resource Agency Building Security, Garage Lighting, & Asbestos Abatement  Upgrade overhead shop lighting, addition of security cameras, a new system to open gates integrated with the alarm system, and removal of recent asbestos exposure in the Marion County office $342,750
Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority Facility Improvements Project will consist of three components including the purchase of a vacuum system, a generator, and the painting of CARTA's breezeway and bus barn $375,000
Clarksville Transit System  Bus & Storage Facility  The development of this project includes the building of a storage and maintenance facility that will house up to 12 buses and provide storage for CTS maintenance  $555,831
Jackson Transit Authority  Transfer Center Remodel  The remodel the Transfer Center at JTA will include but is not limited to: replacement of HVAC systems, demo & replacement of exisiting passenger loading area, and signage displays  $525,000
Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency Onboard Cameras  Project will install DVRs and cameras for each vehicle in the operating fleet to function as an onboard surveillance system  $217,788
Franklin Transit Authority  Regional Vanpool Hybrid Electric Fleet This project will allow Vanstar's rideshare network to upgrade its fleet through the procurement and placement of 10 hybrid minivans  $337,500
Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency  MicroTransit Project  Two additional electric vehicles, and four charging stations will be purchased to develop Cookeville's On-Demand Service.  $90,000

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