Transit Funding Opportunities

TDOT provides a variety of funding opportunities for public transit agencies throughout the year. Below is a list of active and upcoming opportunities. 

A Notice of Intent to Apply (NOI) is required to compete for a SFY2025 IMPROVE Transit Investment Grant award. Eligibility considerations include the applicant's status as a recipient of FTA Section 5307 or 5311 funding, transit-related purpose and need, non-duplication of ongoing or previously funded activities, the applicant agency's compliance status, and completeness of the submitted documentation. To submit a Notice of Intent to Apply, please follow the link below: 

Notice of Intent to Apply: SFY2025 IMPROVE

Deadline: The NOI Form will be available through 11:59pm on July 1st. Please reach out to the Transit Capital Programs Coordinator, Christopher Turner, if you have any questions.

Christopher Turner | Transit Capital Programs Coordinator
p. 615-253-1033

The 2024 Call for Projects is open through July 12, 2024. To apply or for more information on project eligibility, please refer to TDOT's FTA 5310 Program page or contact the Office of Mobility and Accessible Transportation