Pavement Management

As part of the Pavement office, TDOT’s Pavement Management section procures collection of pavement management system (PMS) data to monitor the health of all pavements on the TDOT network. This pavement data is categorized into two groups – roughness and distress. Roughness data includes factors that define the smoothness of pavements, such as the international roughness index (IRI) or the Pavement Smoothness Index (PSI). Distress data includes metrics that define the deterioration of pavements such as cracking, rutting, or other pavement distresses. Distress data is compiled into a Pavement Distress Index (PDI), which can be further combined with the PSI for an overall pavement quality index (PQI). More information regarding the determination of these pavement quality indices, in addition to the most recent available data, can be found in the most recent annual Pavement Management System report.