GIS Mapping and Support

The Data Visualization office provides analytical mapping and graphics support to the Long Range Planning Division, the rest of Tennessee state government, and other customers who send in map requests. 

TDOT Interactive Tennessee Road Improvement Program (iTRIP)

This program provides a comprehensive, authoritative, live project database. The objective of iTRIP is to develop a dataset of focused information about TDOT’s roadway projects that is important to TDOT’s variety of customers that is reliable, up to date, and easy to navigate. Using iTRIP you can find information about all the Active and Let projects that TDOT is currently working on. These could range from Bridge & Safety projects to Legislative Projects. The goal is to make available to the public for the first time ever a liveish view of what is going on inside TDOT.  iTRIP Documentation

Printed Hardcopy Products:

To access or download Design and CADD files, please refer to the Roadway Design Division.

The Data Visualization Office Portfolio of work can be found here.