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TDOT Education encourages and supports employees  who are on the path to continuing their education. Assistance is available to help employees with various resources and answer questions regarding the state fee waiver program, Tennessee Reconnect, and much more.

Lifelong Learner Spotlight

Lifelong learning can be described as an ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated quest for knowledge.

If you have decided to take steps to continue learning for professional or personal reasons, you are not alone! Our Lifelong Learner Spotlight video series highlights the accomplishments of TDOT employees who have made a commitment to continuing education.  

There are many options available to TDOT employees using the Fee Waiver. Check out:  to learn more. 

Returning to the classroom can be intimidating. Ask Brandon Henderson. He wondered if he was good enough. What he discovered when entered a TDOT Reconnect class was very different. Everyone was there to learn, including learning from each other. See how Brandon found a welcoming environment and new opportunity with TDOT Reconnect

State Employee Fee Waiver

The fee waiver program is designed to allow full-time state employees the ability to take one course each semester at any state-supported college/university for free. For more information, watch the video below or visit the Tennessee Higher Education Commission website.

Middle Tennessee Reconnect Survey

The Middle Tennessee Reconnect Community is a regional organization dedicated to supporting every adult in the area who aspires to earn a college degree by ensuring access to resources necessary to start or finish college.

TDOT recently participated in the Middle Tennessee Reconnect Survey. The report outlines barriers adults face in continuing their education, and provides best practices to encourage completion of college or high-level career credentials. Survey results are based on responses from over 8,000 employees across 12 large organizations across Middle Tennessee.

The infographic below provides a summary of TDOT employee responses to the Middle Tennessee Reconnect Survey. Click on the image to view the results in PDF format.


For full survey details, click on the desired survey below.

TDOT Education also conducts department-specific surveys to better understand the educational background of TDOT employees. Information from these surveys helps guide future educational and professional development initiatives. The pie chart below is a summary of the most recent survey results.


Learn More

If you have questions about any of the information provided on this website or need assistance with continuing your education, contact one of the TDOT Education personnel listed below.

Kasey Vatter, Assistant Director Human Resources
Phone: 615.741.4838

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