America’s River Crossing Bridge Replacement (I-55 Bridge)

I-55 Bridge Map


The proposed project will replace the existing 75-year-old I-55 bridge providing the critical connector with improved safety, bridge modernization, resiliency and earthquake resistance. The bridge serves over 64,000 vehicles carrying residents, workers and freight moving between Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi every day. The proposed project will also add capacity to improve mobility, remove bottlenecks, and address traffic flow and operations for local, regional and travelers in the tri-state area.


  • Improves bridge resiliency and reduces future maintenance costs
  • Safeguards against incidents such as earthquakes
  • Offers increased mobility
  • Enhances local and regional freight movement
  • Provides improved linkages and rerouting opportunities for Memphis and the tri-state area
  • Provides efficient mobility for existing and planned growth
  • Improves environmental sustainability by lowering vehicle emissions