Engineering Division

James K. Polk Building, 7th Floor
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243
phone: 615.741.3574 

Shane Hester

Shane Hester, P.E.

The Engineering Division establishes policy, technical guidance, procedures, specifications, design standards, and manuals and is responsible for research, development, and implementation of state-of-the-art design technologies, practices, equipment, software, and innovative concepts for the Structures, Roadway Design, Geodetic disciplines, and Utilities within TDOT’s Bureau of Engineering. The division supports the Regional Preconstruction Teams and Project Management in the delivery of the department’s projects and programs.

Structures is responsible for structural design, hydraulic design of structures where flow rates exceed 500 cubic feet per second (CFS), for the inspection and evaluation of all bridges in Tennessee, and bridge repairs for state-maintained assets.  Key responsibilities include designing and developing plans and specifications for all highway structures, design and remediation of complex foundation conditions, routine and complex geometry; design of major or unusual structures; hydraulic design and resolution of hydrology and hydraulic problems; hydraulic expertise for mitigation and legal action; scour studies; coordination of geological survey services; processing of federal disaster assistance, welding procedure review; development of automated structural detailing systems, and load rating and evaluation of simple to complex structures.

Engineering Production Support is responsible to provide guidance and oversight for TDOT personnel by establishing roadway design criteria, developing and maintaining roadway design standards and guidance manuals, and ensuring project plans meet state and federal policies as well as the targeted assurance and compliance standards. Other key responsibilities include providing value engineering studies and design criteria for aesthetic and landscape architecture design, and ADA features.

Geodetics is responsible for all aerial surveys, and coordination of statewide geodetics matters with TDOT Regions and Legal. Key responsibilities include the planning and acquisition of digital imagery, which is used in the assembly and delivery of geo-referenced mosaics encompassing the entire geographic extent of the state of Tennessee, as well as high-resolution aerial images for use in precision corridor design for engineering projects; and collaboration with Region Geodetics and Region Field Operations to procure and implement emerging technologies that drive efficiency and improve quality of geodetics deliverables.

The Utilities Encroachments & Agreements Office oversees utility coordination on TDOT projects to ensure resolution of utility conflicts before construction begins. This coordination involves early notifications, plan review, cost estimate review, relocation contract generation, and culminates in issuing utility certifications to meet FHWA requirements for federally funded projects. Additional responsibilities include providing training and guidance for TDOT personnel, utilities, and their consultants related to utility coordination and relocation, and utility permits for utilities seeking to install facilities in public rights-of-way.