Maps, Bridges, & Restrictions

TDOT has several resources available for those traveling through Tennessee with oversized and overweight loads. Maps and restrictions related to interstates and state routes are provided below. Additionally, information on vertical clearance, weight limits, or other permit-related items, may be found through links on this page.

Construction Restrictions – up to date restrictions due to construction projects

Bridge Allowances

In coordination with the Federal Highway Administration, TDOT has specific standards for vertical clearance and weight limits on bridges across Tennessee. The vertical clerance of a bridge is the minimum height between the pavement and the bottom of the overhead structure. The weight limit refers to the maximum gross and axle weights for trucks and trailers allowable on the structure.

The materials provided on this page regarding vertical clearance and weight limits for Tennessee bridges are for informational purposes only. All forms are provided in Adobe PDF format.

Vertical Clearance

Tennessee Vertical Clearances Notice & Disclaimer  

Tennessee Vertical Clearances (Restrictions less than 14'-6")

Tennessee Vertical Clearances (Restrictions less than 13'-10")

Weight Limit

Weight Posted State Route Bridges    

Weight Posted State Route Bridges (2 or more axles)