Tennessee Airport Technical Assistance Program

The mission of the Tennessee Airport Technical Assistance Program (TN AirTAP) is to improve the skills and knowledge of Tennessee’s public airport professionals. The program seeks to help Airport Operators improve the safety, quality and efficiency of airport operations throughout Tennessee.   Sponsored and facilitated by TDOT Aeronautics Division, our goal is to equip TN’s airports with the resources and knowledge necessary to keep Tennessee’s Airport System the best in the Nation!

Goals of the Program:

  •  Improve the knowledge level of airport managers and sponsors
  • Increase the use of new aviation materials, practices, and technology
  • Help airport staff build a community network for exchanging best practices
  • Make statewide airport event easily accessible to general public

To meet these goals, TN AirTAP Provides

  • Online education and resources
  • Training courses and programs on related topics
  • Technical assistance
  • Access to experts
  • Hosting community sessions  

Available Training

Learn why NOTAMs are issued and how to issue NOTAMs with NOTAM Manager.

NOTAM PowerPoint

Learn what an Airport Emergency Plan (AEP) is, who is involved in them, why every airport needs an AEP, and how to develop an AEP.

Airport Emergency Plan PowerPoint

 Learn about Airport Compliance with FAA Grant Assurances and best practices to avoid grant assurance violations.

Click here for November 16, 2022  Airport Compliance training with FAA Southern Region