Aeronautics Commission

The Tennessee Aeronautics Commission (TAC) is a five-member advisory board assigned the duties of assisting in the formulation of relevant policy planning and approving/rejecting all proposed changes in the state airport system plan, existing under the authority of Tennessee Code Annotated.  The five members currently on the TAC are listed below.

Wayne Overman 
Murfreesboro, TN
Representing Middle Tennessee

Steve Wright
Charleston, TN
Representing East Tennessee

Kirk A. Huddleston
Knoxville, TN
Representing Air Carriers

George Huddleston, Jr. 
Murfreesboro, TN
Representing General Aviation

Rosemarie Fair
Memphis, TN
Representing West Tennessee


Upcoming TAC Meeting Details

Date:  February 22, 2024
Time: TBD (CST)

TDOT Aeronautics Division
Aeronautics Conference Room
7335 Centennial Boulevard
Nashville TN, 37209

The option to attend virtually is available. Please contact TDOT Aeronautics Division at (615) 741-3208 for virtual meeting access and information. 

2024 TAC Meeting Dates

  • 2/22/2024
  • 4/25/2024
  • 6/27/2024
  • 8/29/2024
  • 10/31/2024

*Please see the bottom of the Planning page for 2023 and 2024 Project Key Dates and Deadlines. Airport project applications must be submitted via BlackCat for inclusion on a TAC meeting agenda.  

Note:  Dates outlined above are tentative and subject to change.  For more information on future meetings and scheduling, please contact TDOT Aeronautics Division at (615) 741-3208.

Meeting information current as of: September 25, 2023

TAC Policy (Effective July 1, 2022)

TDOT Policy 170-02 establishes guidelines for rendering financial assistance to airports in Tennessee under State and Federal funding programs, in accordance with Title 42, Chapter 2, Part 2, of the Tennessee Code. T.C.A.
§ 42-2-301
provides that the Tennessee Aeronautics Commission (TAC) shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Commissioner of Transportation and shall have the duty and responsibility to assist in the formulation of relevant policy planning.  For the Airport Improvement Program, Policy 170-02 establishes program requirements, funding approvals and prioritization, funding participation rates, and state funding eligibility requirements.  The policy also establishes the TAC role in other statewide funding programs.