FTACS Information

 The new web address to login to FTACS is:


Please save this for future login use, the previous site address is no longer valid.

For TCI BASIC trainings:     

  • Monitor your officers online progress by asking them to log in their FTACS https://tcitn.acadisonline.com/AcadisViewer/Login  so you can review them and take screenshots in the case of having to re-enroll them into another class due to cancellations.
  • If you have officers who are attending any trainings and that are unwell/sick, please reschedule them for another session.
  • Stay in touch with your local Detention Facilities Specialist/Manager. 

*Please note that TCI Instructors reserve the right to have an individual contact their Supervisor for rescheduling.*


If you have any questions feel free to contact TCI and/or your local Detention Facility Specialist in your region.



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