County Corrections Partnership Initiative

“Partnering with stakeholders to improve the local correctional environment through awareness and education.”

What is County Corrections Partnership (CCP)?

· A voluntary initiative developed by TCI to assist in measures to address jail issues and reform.

· A program designed to create a path to certification for detention facilities facing decertification or have been decertified.

· An educational based program which provides all stakeholders with an opportunity to make educated and informed decisions about their local adult detention facility.

Strategies of the CCP

· Initiate an partnership with all stakeholders and local government officials in order to  immediately identify problems the local detention facility is facing.

· Structure an advance delivery system of technical and compliance support in relation to problems facing the local facility.

· Educate all stakeholders on current issues the facility is facing, legal ramifications of inaction and methods of resolving current facility problems.

· Formulating a plan to address immediate and future needs of the facility  while not ignoring current problems.

· Frame a path to address retaining or regaining certification of the local adult correctional facility.

Benefits of the CCP​

· The program eliminates unnecessary expenditures, time and duplication among agency personnel and county administrative staff.

· Provides major stakeholders multiple avenues to communicate, participate and support each other within the local setting.

· Provides education and awareness regarding jail operations, problems the local facility is facing and methods in addressing facility problems. 

Programs provided in the CCP​

· Snapshot Analysis  - Program designed to provide insight into the current facility operations, inmate population, and community data.

· J.A.I.L. - This program provides education regarding Jail Standards, Administration, Inmate Concerns and Liability.

· Crisis Management - Program designed to manage current jail operations while faced with a multitude of problems.

· Transition - Program that assist Jail Officials, personnel and stakeholders through the process of transitioning into a new facility.

Who are the stakeholders in the CCP?

· Sheriffs

· County Mayors

· Police Chiefs

· Legislators

· Government Officials

· Public


CTAS, MTAS, TN Sheriff’s Association, TN County Services Association, Association of County Mayors, and Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police