TBI Agents Academy

All commissioned Special Agent/Criminal Investigators must attend a 16-week academy upon employment with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The purpose of this academy is to evaluate the applicant's suitability to be a special agent and prepare them for the phase of employment during which they will be mentored and trained alongside seasoned agents in the Bureau. It is this participation in cases in the field and the mentoring they will receive from veteran agents during the two-year probationary period that will develop agents to work independently.

Before they can work alongside agents in the field, new agents must be proficient in certain skills. TBI's 16-week Agent Academy is an intensive training course that is physically, mentally, and, for many, emotionally demanding. TBI agents contend with some of the most violent of offenders and the job itself can be exceedingly dangerous. During the academy, a great deal of time is spent on ensuring agents have the skills to protect themselves and others. They must be able to utilize overt and covert methods of investigation. They will learn to utilize the tools that are made available to them for the purpose of conducting criminal investigations of all kinds. It is common for commissioned investigators from other state agencies to attend the Agent's Academy alongside newly employed TBI special agents.


Please visit https://www.tbijobs.com/special-agent for more information about applying as a Special Agent.