Training Division

The mission of the TBI's Training Division is to equip and provide effective and evidence-based training to TBI employees and law enforcement personnel across the state of Tennessee.


Assistant Director
Jason Wilkerson

Our Signature Academies

The mission of our Firearms Training Program is to develop and deliver a comprehensive and consistent firearms training curriculum that provides new agent trainees, current Special Agents, and uniform officers the skills needed to safely and effectively use firearms in the performance of their duties. 

Our experienced firearms training instructors assigned to the Training Division also offer certification and recertification training to all TBI firearms instructors who provide training to agents in the field and in support of our commitment to local and state law enforcement partners.  

The Firearms program also trains current agents in close quarter battle (CQB) regularly to include simunitions training to gain realistic experiences in training. 

The Firearms Program also trains on the TI Trainer, which is a simulated training program that allows real world use of force experiences and allows the agent to learn de-escalation and less lethal tactics. This training is also offered to outside agencies as well as local law enforcement.

The goal of the TBI Fire Investigation Training Program to provide specialized training in fire and explosion investigations to TBI Fire Investigators, federal, state, and local emergency agencies that meet the requirements established by NFPA 1033 Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator, and by the federal and state courts for providing testimony as an expert in the field of fire and explosion investigations (Federal Rules of Evidence Rule 702 – Testimony by Expert Witnesses).

The TBI Fire Investigation training program is divided into two parts, (1) Internal, encompassing training provided to TBI Fire Investigators and other employees of TBI, and (2) External, training provided to federal, state, and local emergency agencies by TBI.  

Since its inception in 2013, more than 20,000 Tennessee law enforcement officers have accessed TBI’s online learning platform to receive free training in human trafficking, the state’s sex offender registry, absconders, emergency vehicle operations, methamphetamine awareness, social media investigations, CALEA, and Crime Laboratory ANLAB accreditation. In addition, users have access to tutorials in crime scene processing, sex offender registration, CQC, and respirator usage, along with pocket guides focused on fentanyl and the state’s sex offender registry.

In addition, TBI Learn tracks employee compliance with OSHA, state, and federal training requirements. and provides employees access to leadership advancement courses for the TBI Director’s Academy and field agent training. 

Throughout the Bureau there are approximately 12 Agents that, as an additional duty, serve as regional instructors for the Training Division's Close Quarter Conflict Control (CQC) program. CQC instructors teach all aspects of use-of-force conflict resolution, outside of the sighted use of firearms. As a group, they have well over 150 years of experience in various martial arts and defensive tactics systems including, but not limited to, Krav Maga, Strategic Self Defense Grappling, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Pressure Point Control Tactics, Wado-Ryu Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and various eclectic martial arts. Among the plethora of skills taught by these instructors are handcuffing, weapon retention, less-lethal force options, de-escalation techniques, situational awareness and self-defense.

All Agents in the Bureau will annually receive two to four hours of CQC training from these instructors. Newly hired Agents receive 40 hours of CQC training in the Agent's Academy. Over the years, CQC instructors have taught other local and state agencies in and outside of the field of law enforcement. 

The Training Division’s Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) is a 40-hour program that instructs newly-hired special agents on how to properly and safely operate Bureau-issued emergency vehicles. The course is comprised of eight hours of classroom instruction and 32 hours of a practical driving course, including nighttime training. Subject areas and practical exercises include vehicle dynamics, liability, and pursuit management of emergency and non-emergency vehicles. Each agent who attends must pass both the written exam and the precision EVO course in a specified time frame. 2020 was the inaugural year of the TBI EVO Course.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation offers  an unpaid internship opportunity for full-time students who are interested in law enforcement careers and are pursuing an undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate degree from an accredited college or university. The program provides an exciting insider's view of TBI operations and gives the student an opportunity to explore career opportunities within the Bureau. 

Internship opportunities are available at TBI headquarters in Nashville, as well as TBI field office locations across the state.