October 30, 2014 Workshop

11:30 AM  Lunch

12:00 PM  Welcome                                                        

Chairman Fielding Rolston

12:05 PM AP US History                                                

Chairman Fielding Rolston       

Public Comment (Please contact Phyllis Childress at Phyllis.Childress@tn.gov to schedule a public comment time as sign up times will be limited on site.)

Jane Robbins, American Principles Project
Thomas Schwartz, Vanderbilt History Dept.

College Board Presentation                                                                      

1:30 PM  Math Requirement                                          

Mr. Waylon Seaton

2:00 PM P16 Position Paper on Secondary Literacy Requirements                                     

Dr. Renee Murley

Dr. Sutton Flynt

Ms. Michelle Perrigin

2:15 PM  Differentiated Pay Summary                            

Dr. Sara Heyburn

2:35 PM Tennessee Educator Preparation Policy             

Dr. Sara Heyburn

3:15 PM Textbooks and Instructional Materials Update             

Ms. Emily Barton 
Mr. Monty Wilson
Ms. Rebecca Wright        

3:40 PM Office of Research and Policy Current Research Projects

Dr. Nate Schwartz                                   

4:00 PM  Adult High Schools and Testing                       

Commissioner Kevin Huffman                                         

4:15 PM  Questions on Agenda Items                             

Chairman Fielding Rolston

4:30 PM Adjournment