October 25, 2013 Board Meeting

I.        Consent Items (Voice Vote)

           A.        Adoption of Agenda

           B.        Approval of Minutes from July 26, 2013August 16, 2013, and October 2, 2013.

           C.       Child Care Advisory Council Nominations
                      Consent reading of an item to fill vacancies on the Child Care Advisory Council as required in T.C.A. §49-1-                                  302(4)(A). 

II.       Action Items (First Reading)

           A.       TN Early Learning Developmental Standards (TN-ELDS Birth to Age Four)
                      First reading of CCSS-aligned learning standards for use in all regulated and licensed child cares, early                                          intervention programs, IDEA 619 special education and other programs serving children from birth through                              age four.

           B.        Career and Technical Education Course Lists in Board Policy 3.205
                      First reading of changes to the list of CTE courses; these changes reflect alignment to the 16 nationally                                        recognized career clusters and deletes the 7 more broadly defined  “program areas.”

           C.        Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Standards
                       First reading of curriculum standards for the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resource career cluster area and                           includes both new and revised course standards.

           D.       Business Management & Administration Standards
                      First reading of Personal Finance curriculum standards in the Business Management and Administration                                    career cluster area.

           E.        Education and Training Standards
                      First reading of curriculum standards for the Education and Training career cluster area and includes both new                        and revised course standards.

           F.       Health Science Standards
                     First reading of curriculum standards for the Health Science career cluster area and includes both new and                               revised course standards.

          G.       Human Services Standards
                     First reading of curriculum standards for the Human Services career cluster area and includes both new and                             revised course standards.

          H.       Information Technology Standards
                     First reading of curriculum standards for the Information Technology career cluster area and includes revisions                       to existing course standards.

          I.        Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security Standards
                    First reading of curriculum standards for the Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security career cluster                                      area and includes the creation of new course curriculum standards.

          J.        Manufacturing Standards
                    First reading of curriculum standards for the Manufacturing career cluster area and includes both new and                              revised course curriculum standards.

         K.        Marketing Standards
                    First reading of curriculum standards for the Marketing career cluster area and includes revised course                                      curriculum standards.

         L.        Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) Standards
                    First reading of curriculum standards for the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics career                                      cluster area and includes new course curriculum standards.

        M.       Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics Standards
                    First reading of curriculum standards for the Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics career cluster area and                        includes new course curriculum standards.

         N.        Occupational Related Employment Standards, Rules
                     First reading of proposed revisions to the employment standards for teachers in occupational areas, and                                   includes credentialed postsecondary training, level of education, and work experience.

         O.        Library Information Center, Rule
                     First reading of an update to the rules that govern the operation of library information centers in public                                     schools; updates language relative associated with Internet access and electronic collections in libraries. 
                     Attachment 1: Proposed:  0520-1-3-.07 LIBRARY INFORMATION CENTER, REQUIREMENT F.
                     Attachment 2: Committee Membership

III.      Action Items (Final Reading)

           A.       Pre-K and Kindergarten Enrollment, Rule  
                      Final reading of a rule aligning Pre-K and Kindergarten enrollment dates with statute.

           B.       Textbook Commission, Rule 
                      Final reading of a rule changing the bond requirements for textbook publishers.

           C.       Approved High School Courses:  Mathematics
                      Final reading of approved courses for mathematics.
                      Algebra IGeometryAlgebra IICore Math ICore Math IICore Math III

           D.       Approved High School Courses:  English Language Arts
                      Final reading of approved courses for English Language Arts.

           E.       Textbooks, Section IV (Social Studies)
                     Final reading of the list of approved textbooks for social studies.

           F.       English as a Second Language Standards
                     Final reading of ESL standards to create alignment with Common Core State Standards.

          G.       Advisory Council on Teacher Education and Certification
                     Final reading of revisions to the by-laws and membership of the State Board of Education’s Advisory Council on                       Teacher Education and Certification.  This item adds Mike Novak, Sharon Roberts and Mary Ann Sparks to the                        Council.

         H.       Teacher and Principal Evaluation Policy 5.201
                    Final reading of an item that replaces language that was inadvertently removed in a prior action; the language                          clarifies requirements for onsite observations as well as written and face-to-face feedback following                                            observations.
          I.        Lincoln County Alternative Salary Schedule
                    Final reading of an alternative salary schedule for the Lincoln County school system; this schedule has been                              previously approved by the Lincoln County Board of Education.

          J.        Renewal of Teacher Licenses Policy         
                    Final reading of a policy that serves as an interim measure to give guidance regarding the renewal of teacher                            licenses eligible for renewal prior to August 1, 2015.

         K.        Annual Measurable Objectives
                    Final reading of the Annual Measureable Objectives for Shelby County; these AMOs were not included in the                             previously approved SBE action.
                     Attachment 1: Subject AMOs
                     Attachment 2: Group AMOs

IV.      Charter School Appeal Items

           A.       Scholastic Academy of Logistics and Transportation Charter School 
                      Final reading of the appeal by Scholastic Academy of Logistics and Transportation Charter School to the State                          Board of Education. Findings and Recommendation.

          B.       Impress Charter Academy
                     Final reading of the appeal by Impress Charter Academy to the State Board of Education.
                     Findings and Recommendation

V.       Teacher Revocation Appeal Items

          A.       Milton Burchfield   
                     "Pursuant to the Tennessee Uniform Administrative Procedures Act, the Board is required to hear Mr.                                         Burchfield’s appeal of the Initial Order of the Administrative Law Judge."

VI.      Teacher License Actions 

           A.      William T. Broadus – Revocation, concurrent

           B.      Catherine T. Browder – Revocation

           C.       Anthony T. Burgess – Suspension, one (1) year, with contingency

           D.      Cindy Gay Clifton – Revocation

           E.      Charles Craig – Suspension, two (2) years, with contingency

           F.      Christie David – Revocation

          G.      Jennifer Dunleavy – Suspension, nine (9) months

          H.      Jacob Daniel Fast – Revocation, concurrent

          I.       Amy L. Howell – Revocation

          J.       Jeremy Brent Hughes – Suspension, two (2) years, with contingency

         K.      Brent Arthur Hurst – Suspension, three (3) years, with contingency

          L.       Debra Carter Johnson – Suspension, concurrent

         M.       Braden Kessler – Revocation

         N.       Willie A. Knox – Revocation

         O.       Matthew Moskal – Formal Reprimand

          P.       Andrew Myers – Revocation, concurrent

          Q.       Sarah Rachelle Neck – Revocation, concurrent

          R.       Devin Rutherford – Revocation

           S.       Christopher P. Serina – Revocation, concurrent

           T.       Tracy Shaw – Revocation

           U.       Dallas Michael Southerland – Revocation

            V.       Ellix Wilson – Revocation

            W.       Jeffrey Duane Wilson – Revocation

VII.     Adjournment