May 19, 2016 SBE Educator Preparation & Licensure Subcommittee Meeting

Opening and Welcome (5 minutes)
Chairman Fielding Rolston
Dr. Sara Heyburn

Aspiring Teacher Effectiveness (25 minutes)
Dr. Candice McQueen
Dr. Amy Wooten

Licensure Pedagogical Assessments:  An Introduction to Performance Assessment (30 minutes)
Dr. Amy Wooten

Break (10 minutes)

Licensure Content Assessments:  Understanding the Praxis Series (40 minutes)
Dr. Cory Murphy, ETS

Licensure Content Assessments: Examining Recommendations for Praxis Cut Scores (20 minutes)
Dr. Amy Wooten
Dr. Laura Booker

Preparation:   Comprehensive and Interim Reviews (60 minutes)
Dr. Amy Wooten
Mr. Michael Deurlein

Wrap-up and Next Steps

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