July 27, 2017 SBE/THEC Joint Annual Meeting

 I.             Welcome

                  A.            Board Chairs’ Updates   
                                  Mr. Fielding Rolston, Chairman, State Board of Education 
                                  Mr. Evan Cope, Chairman, Tennessee Higher Education Commission

                   B.            Executive Directors’ Updates
                                   Dr. Sara H. Morrison, Executive Director, State Board of Education
                                   Mr. Mike Krause, Executive Director, Tennessee Higher Education Commission

 II.              Early Postsecondary Opportunities

                   A.            Early Postsecondary Opportunities Report
                                   Dr. Candice McQueen, Commissioner, State Department of Education

                    B.           Dual Enrollment Data Update
                                   Dr. Emily House, Assistant Executive Director for Policy, Planning, & Research, Tennessee
                                   Higher Education Commission

                    C.            Dual Enrollment Panel
                                    i.             Dr. Julie Oyer, Principal, Fairview High School
                                    ii.            Dr. Sherica Nelms, Director, Advise TN
                                    iii.           Dual Enrollment Student (TBD)

III.                Teacher Preparation Program

                     A.            Data from the Teacher Preparation Report
                                     Spenser Gwozdzik, State Board of Education

                     B.            Institution Perspective on Teacher Preparation Report
                                    Dr. Keith Carver, Chancellor, University of Tennessee at Martin

IV.                Closing