January 28, 2016 Workshop

11:00 PM                              Welcome                                                                            

Chairman Fielding Rolston

11:05 PM                              Math and English Language Arts Standards            

 Ms. Laura Encalade, Dr. Lyle Ailshie, Dr. Joseph Jones, Ms. Shannon Jackson    

12:05 PM                              Lunch

1:00 PM                                 Assessment Update                                                      

Dr. Candice McQueen

1:30 PM                                 Policy Audit Update                                                       

SBE Staff

1:45 PM                                 Educator Preparation Presentation and Implementation Working Group Update                      

Dr. Candice McQueen, Dr. Amy Wooten, Ms. Jennifer Nelson, Ms. Sheila Reddick

2:30 PM                                 Leader Preparation Program Approvals                

Dr. Paul Fleming, Mr. Michael Deurlein

2:45 PM                                 Educator Talent Update                                                               

Ms. Sylvia Flowers, Dr. Paul Fleming, Lacey Hartigan

3:15 PM                                 Statewide Dual Credit Overview                                               

Ms. Patrice Watson, Ms. Casey Haugner-Wrenn, Dr. Danielle Mezera

3:35 PM                                 Education Sign Language Interpreter  Licensure                                                

Mr. Joey Hassell

3:45 PM                                 Licensure Actions                                                            

Mr. Philip Cramer

4:00 PM                                 Questions on Agenda Items                                       

Chairman Fielding Rolston

4:05 PM                                 Adjournment