April 21, 2017 Board Meeting

I.                Consent Items (Voice Vote)

                   A.            Adoption of Agenda

                   B.            Approval of Minutes from January 27, 2017 and March 16, 2017

II.               Report Items

                   A.            National Blue Ribbon Schools Recognition 
                                   Report on the 2016 Tennessee National Blue Ribbon Schools.

III.             Action Items (First Reading)

                  A.            High School Policy 2.103
                                  First reading of amendments that clarify the requirements for summer school courses and End
                                  of Course examinations.

                  B.            Standards for School Administered Childcare Programs, Rule 0520-12-01
                                  First reading of clarifications to the transportation section of the rule.

                  C.            Teacher and Principal Evaluation Policy 5.201
                                  First reading of State Board policy to outline student growth portfolio support.

                   D.           Allocation of State and Local Funds Rule 0520-14-01-.03
                                  First reading of updates to funding procedures for LEAs in the distribution of BEP funding to
                                  charter schools.

                   E.            Adult Education Rule 0520-01-02-.05
                                  This item was removed from the agenda at the beginning of the meeting.

                    F.           Educator Preparation Policy 5.504
                                  This item was moved to be a part of IV. H. at the beginning of the meeting.

                    G.          Social Studies Standards
                                  First reading of newly revised social studies standards.  The standards are included for grades K-8,
                                  the required high school courses, and the options for high school electives.  These standards, if
                                  approved, will be implemented in the 2019-2020 school year.

IV.                Action Items (Final Reading)

                     A.          Uniform Grading Policy 3.301
                                   Final reading of updates to the Uniform Grading Policy to include Cambridge International courses and
                                   all early postsecondary opportunities including local dual credit and dual enrollment.  This ensures all
                                   opportunities that award high school students college credit will be able to be recognized and weighted
                                   in the GPA formula.  This prevents dis-incentivizing certain opportunities because they are not
                                   recognized by the formula.  There have been changes since first reading.

                      B.          English as a Second Language (ESL) Program Policy 3.207
                                    Final reading of changes to clarify the roles of Response to Intervention and Instruction (RTI2),
                                    accommodations and modifications to ESL services, and lowers the staffing ratio for ESL classrooms. 
                                    There have been changes since first reading.

                      C.           Migrant Education Student Records Policies and Procedures 4.210
                                    Final reading of a proposal to delete this policy as requirements are now covered under ESSA, and in
                                    Department guidance.There have been no changes since first reading.

                       D.          School Counseling Model and Standards Policy 5.103
                                     Final reading of policy updates to clarify the implementation timeline for recently adopted school
                                     counseling standards, including an addition of a one-year phase-in.  There have been changes since
                                     first reading.

                        E.           Approved High School Courses Policy 3.205
                                      Final reading of an amendment to add new courses and revised course standards for courses within
                                      the Advanced Manufacturing; Ag, Food & Natural Resources; Architecture & Construction, Arts,
                                      Audio/Visual Technology, & Communication; Business Management & Administration, Education &
                                      Training, and Distribution & Logics career clusters.  An additional proposal includes a new statewide
                                      dual credit course, Introduction to Sociology.  Since first reading, minor changes have been made to
                                       the policy to correct spelling and verbiage inconsistencies.
                                       Attachment 1               Attachment 2              Attachment 3                Attachment 4a           Attachment 4b
                                       Attachment 5               Attachment 6a            Attachment 6b             Attachment 6c            Attachment 6d
                                       Attachment 6e            Attachment 7a             Attachment 7b             Attachment 7c            Attachment 7d
                                       Attachment 7e            Attachment 7f              Attachment 8a             Attachment 8b            Attachment 8c
                                       Attachment 8d            Attachment 8e             Attachment 8f              Attachment 8g            Attachment 8h
                                       Attachment 9a             Attachment 9b            Attachment 10             Attachment 11a         Attachment 11b
                                       Attachment 12a          Attachment 12b          Attachment 12c           Attachment 13            Attachment 14

                         F.           Strategic Compensation Policy 5.600
                                       This item was removed from the agenda at the beginning of the meeting.

                         G.           Public Records Policy 1.500              
                                        Final reading of a new policy that outlines the procedures and establishes necessary fees for State
                                        Board responses to public records requests.  There have been no changes since first reading.

                          H.a.       Educator Preparation Policy 5.504 (This was originally shown as III. F. but moved here at the beginning
                                         of the meeting.)

                                         Final reading of a change to the approval status of programs based on interim review outcomes.

                          H.b.       Educator Preparation Policy 5.504
                                         Final reading of changes that finalize literacy standards for educator preparation and a technical
                                         change to clarify post-baccalaureate requirements.

                           I.             Recommendations for Professional Education Units and Licensure Programs
                                          Final reading of recommendations for Johnson UniversityLeMoyne-Owen College, and the
                                          University of Memphis and their specialty area programs.

V.                     Teacher License Actions

                         A.            William Haynes – Reinstatement      
                         B.            Mary Sims –  Mary Sims was removed from the agenda when this item was presented

VI.                   Adjournment