April 19, 2013 Board Meeting

I.        Consent Items (Voice Vote)

           A.       Adoption of Agenda

           B.       Approval of Minutes from February 1, 2013.

           C.       Tennessee School Bus Specifications
                     Consent reading of technical corrections relative ot school bus safety equipment.

II.       Report Items

           A.       Blue Ribbon Schools Recognition
                      Recognition of schools with high poverty that demonstrate outstanding student achievement results.

           B.        Title I Distinguished Schools Recognition
                      Recognition of those Title I schools that ensure that all children have access to effective instructional strategies,                        challenging academic content, and high levels of student achievement.

III.      Action Items (First Reading)

           A.       Approved High School Courses
                      First reading of the policy change that clarifies mathematics course substitutions.

           B.       Category III Non-Public School Approval Process, Rule
                      First reading of a rule clarifying approved regional accrediting agencies.

           C.       2013-14 State Minimum Salary Schedule
                     First reading of a salary schedule as required by T.C.A. § 49-3-306.

           D.       High School Equivalency Testing Program, Rule
                      First reading of a rule amendment relative to Adult Education high school equivalency certificates.

           E.       Differentiated Pay Plan Guidelines
                     First reading of modifications to the guidelines in accordance with T.C.A. § 49-3-306(h).

           F.       Social Studies Standards Revision
                    First reading of student learning standards in Social Studies, grades K-12.

          G.      Special Education Guidelines and Standards 
                    First reading of amendments regarding evaluations for specific learning disabilities.

          H.        Special Education Programs and Services, Rule
                      First reading of an amendment to the rules regarding the definition of an Individual Education Plan.

           I.         Teacher and Principal Evaluation
                      First reading of revisions to the policy regarding evaluator certification.

IV.      Action Items (Final Reading)

           A.       Teacher Licensure Standards 
                      Final reading of technical corrections to teacher licensure standards in various career and technical                                              endorsement areas.

           B.       Career and Technical Education, Rule
                      Final reading of an update that aligns rules with adopted career clusters.            

           C.       Work-Based Learning Guide of Policies and Procedures
                      Final reading of updates to the 2007 Work-Based Learning Guide of Policies and Procedures.

           D.       Identification of the Persistently Lowest-Achieving Schools Policy
                      Final reading of definitions for Tier I and Tier II persistently lowest achieving schools.

           E.       Annual Measurable Objectives
                     Final reading of annual goals for Tennessee public schools.
                     Attachment 1
                     Attachment 2 
                     Attachment 3 
                     Attachment 4 
                     Attachment 5
                     Attachment 6

           F.       Tennessee Instructional Leadership Standards (TILS)
                     Final reading of updates and revisions to the Tennessee Instructional Leadership Standards.

          G.       Project COACH Conversion Scale
                     Final reading of adjustments to the score scale of the Project COACH teacher evaluation model.

          H.       State Agency Evaluations
                     Final reading of a policy amendment adding state agency schools to the current teacher evaluation policy.

          I.        Special Education Programs and Services Initial Evaluations, Rule
                    Final reading of a rule amendment regarding initial evaluations and initial programming.              

V.       Teacher License Actions

            A.     Gregory N. Alford – Restoration

            B.      Jennifer Dickey – Suspension, concurrent

            C.      Valerie Humphrey – Revocation

            D.      Dennis R. Kinnaird – Suspension, one (1) year, contingency

            E.       Louis J. Levine – Revocation

            F.       Peter Benjamin Natale – Revocation

            G.      This item was removed at the meeting

            H.      Thomas M. Roussin – Revocation, concurrent

             I.       Shaunica D. Scott -- Revocation

             J.       Shantell Shaw – Revocation

            K.       Byron J. Smith – Restoration

            L.       Felippia Turner-Kellogg – Revocation

           M.       Michael Williams – Formal Reprimand

VI.      Adjournment