April 10, 2015 Board Meeting

I.        Consent Items (Voice Vote)

A.       Adoption of Agenda

B.       Approval of Minutes from January 30, 2014

C.       Language in Career & Technical Education (CTE) Course Standards

Consent consideration of a technical correction to Career and Technical Education (CTE) standards to reflect current terminology used across Tennessee.

II.       Report Items

A.       Blue Ribbon Schools Recognition

Report on the Tennessee 2014 Blue Ribbon Schools.

B.       Title I Distinguished Schools Recognition

Report on the Tennessee 2014 Title I Distinguished Schools.

III.       Action Items (First Reading)

A.       Learning Centered Leadership Policy 5.101
First reading of a policy update to allow applicants from other states to be issued an instructional leader license in Tennessee and to update policy language and tools related to leader evaluation and professional development.

Policy update including tracked changes.   

B.       Educator Licensure Policy 5.502
First reading of minor revisions to the policy governing educator licensure to offer greater clarity and additional information.

C.       License Restoration Rule and Policy 5.500
First reading of a policy change clarifying the license restoration process.

D.       Parent/Family Involvement and Community Schools Policy 4.207
First reading of a policy change to address community schools legislation passed last year.

E.       School Board Training, Rule
First reading of an amendment to the training requirements for new board members.

F.      Standards Review Policy 3.209
First reading of a new policy to clarify the standards review timeline.

G.      Unsafe School Choice Policy 4.202

First reading of an amendment to update the definition of aggravated assault.

H.      Board Meetings Policy 1.400

First reading of a policy change regarding reading requirements and the consent agenda.

I.      Charter School Appeals Policy 2.500

First reading of changes to the Charter School Appeal Policy that clarifies the components and the timeline of a charter school appeal to the State Board.

IV.      Action Items (Final Reading)

A.       Charter School Authorizer Policy - 6.110: Charter School Revocation
Final reading of a policy governing charter school revocation.

B.       Architecture and Construction Course Standards
Final reading of updated standards in the Architecture and Construction cluster.

C.       Business Management and Administration Course Standards
Final reading of updated standards in the Business Management and Administration cluster.

D.       Marketing Course Standards
Final reading of updated standards in the Marketing cluster.

E.       Career & Technical Education Course Lists in Board Policy 3.205
Final reading of changes to the career & technical education course list and advanced placement course list in Board Policy 3.205, to go into effect for the 2015-16 school year.

F.       Cambridge International Education Programme
Final reading of item to approve Cambridge courses as satisfying Tennessee graduation requirements.

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V.      Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) Default Actions

A.       TSAC Defaults

Final reading of the list of individuals who hold a teaching license and who have been identified by the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation as being in default on a student loan pursuant to T.C.A. 49-5-108(d)(2).

VI.       Teacher License Actions

A. Carrie L. Cunningham – Revocation

B. Mickey Charles Glass – Revocation

C. William S. Haynes – Restoration

D. Patisa Kielau – Formal Reprimand

E. Derek Marlow – Restoration

F. Franklin Roy Mitchell – Revocation

G. Barry Moody – Revocation, concurrent




K. Edward B. Snyder - Suspension, one (1) year

L. Patrick O. Thompson - Restoration

M. David Michael Walker - Suspension, concurrent

VII.     Adjournment