January 26, 2018 SBE Meeting

January 26, 2018


January 26, 2018

9:00 am CST


House Hearing Room (HHR) 2 1st Floor Cordell Hull Building 425 5th Avenue North Nashville, TN 37243

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I.             Consent Items (Voice Vote)

                A.            Adoption of Agenda

                B.            Approval of Minutes from October 20, 2017 and December 11,

                C.            2017-18 Basic Education Program (BEP) Review Committee 
                               Appointments to the BEP Review Committee.

II.            Action Items (First Reading)

                A.            Licensure Renewal Transition Policy 5.202
First reading to delete policy which is expired and no longer in

                 B.            Career Ladder, Rule 0520-02-02
                                 First reading of item to update the Career Ladder Rule. Chapter 214 of the Public Acts of 2013 eliminated any new career                                   ladder payments but required the state board to develop guidelines, criteria and administrative rules as necessary to                                          assure the payment of career ladder supplements to eligible recipients so long as they remain in positions in the public                                     schools that qualify for such supplements. The rules were first updated in February 2014 and this item provides
                                 further clarification of those.

                  C.             Teacher & Administrator Evaluation Policy 5.201                                 
                                   First reading of item to include a process for charter schools to propose an alternate observation model for use in                                               teacher evaluation, update and clarify the process for assigning qualitative ratings, and clarify the number of                                                           observations required for teachers without a previous year's Level of Overall Effectiveness (LOE).

                  D.             Course Approval
                                   First reading of item to new and revised courses within the Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security and Marketing                                         career clusters that better align with postsecondary pathways, incorporate added instructional rigor, and reflect the                                             competitive employment demands of our state. 

                  E.              Approved High School Courses Policy 3.205
                                    First reading of item to add Criminal Justice IV: Practicum and Supply Chain Management Practicum to the list of                                                    approved high school courses. 

                  F.               Charter School Application, Rule 0520-14-01-.01                             
                                    First reading of item to update the rules for the charter school application process. The rules will establish consistent                                          application practices across authorizers and set expectations for charter school applicants.

                  G.              Coordinated School Health Program Policy 4.204                             
                                    First reading of item to update policy to align with current law and practice.

                  H.               Health Education Standards
                                     First reading of item to revise health education standards to include information on the prevention of opioid abuse.

                   I.                SBE LEA Policy Additions – Records Retention Policy 1408 and Test Security Policy 4701
                                     First reading of item to update the policy manual governing Board-authorized charter schools by adding two new                                                 policies.  Attachment 1    Attachment 2

                   J.               Quality Authorizing Standards Policy 6.111
                                     First reading of proposed charter school authorizing standards as required by the Tennessee High-Quality Charter                                               Schools Act.

                  K.               Charter School Appeals Policy 2.500     
                                     First reading of updates to the policy governing the State Board’s charter school appeals process.

                  L.                License Denial, Formal Reprimand, Suspension, and Revocation Procedure Policy 5.501
                                     First reading of item to update the License Denial, Suspension, and Revocation Procedure Policy to align with updated                                         State Board rules on educator licensure discipline practices.

                  M.              Special Education Programs and Services, Rule 0520-01-09-.15
                                     First reading of item to update this rule to require school districts to provide parents a copy of a draft Individualized                                             Education Program (IEP) at least 24 hours before a scheduled IEP meeting, if the school or district creates such a draft.

                 N.               Learning Centered Leadership Policy 5.101     
                                     First reading to update reporting requirements for programs preparing instructional leaders. These requirements
                                     align with the Educator Preparation Policy.

III.           Action Items (Final Reading)

                 A.               2017-18 Special Courses
                                    Final reading of list of special courses that are part of a district’s course offering to be approved for one, three, or six                                            years.  There have been changes since first reading.

                 B.               Course Approval
                                    Final reading of new courses and revised course standards for courses within the Advanced Manufacturing, Business                                          Management & Administration, Finance, Health Science, Human Services, Information Technology, and Marketing                                                career clusters.  There have been no changes since first reading.

                  C.               High School Policy 2.103 
                                     Final reading of item to adopt an alternate academic diploma for students assessed on the alternate assessment and                                         update requirements for graduation with distinction.  There have been changes since first reading.

                  D.               Administrative Rules: State Special Schools, Rule 0520-04-03
                                     Final reading of item to update the criteria for admission to the Tennessee School for the Blind, Tennessee School for                                           the Deaf, and West Tennessee School for the Deaf.  There have been changes since first reading.

                  E.                HIV/AIDS Policy for Students and Employees of Tennessee Public Schools, Policy 5.300
                                      Final reading of item to update the HIV/AIDS Policy.  There have been no changes since first reading.

                  F.                 Administration of Medication for Adrenal Insufficiency, Rule 0520-01-13
                                      Final reading of item to set guidelines for the administration of medication for adrenal insufficiency in compliance                                                with Public Chapter 84.   There have been changes since first reading.

                   G.               Administration of Medication in a School Setting Policy 4.205
                                      Final reading of item to update Policy 4.205, formerly titled Guidelines for the Use of Healthcare Professionals and                                                Health Procedures in a School Setting, to reflect the statutory requirements.  There have been no changes since first                                            reading.  Attachment 1        Attachment 2

                   H.                Tennessee Early Learning Development Standards (TN ELDS)
                                       Final reading of item to update the Tennessee Early Learning Development Standards. There have been revisions                                                 since first reading based on stakeholder feedback.  There have been changes since first reading.

                    I.                 Educator Licensure Policy 5.502
                                       Final reading of item to add American Sign Language to the list of active endorsements that can be issued on a                                                     teaching license. A change since first reading allows charter school leaders to recommend charter school teachers for                                         licensure advancement or renewal.  There have been changes since first reading.

                     J.                Professional Assessments for Tennessee Educators Policy 5.105
                                       Final reading of item to require that all initial licensure candidates submit a passing score on one of the Principles of                                             Learning and Teaching tests if there is not an approved edTPA in the specialty area. In addition adds assessments
                                       for American Sign Language endorsement.  There have been changes since first reading.

                     K.               Educator Preparation Policy 5.504
                                        Final reading of item to update the formatting of the literacy standards to increase clarity and to add specialty area                                              standards for American Sign Language.  

                     L.                Promotion and Retention Policy 3.300
                                        Final reading of item to update the promotion and retention policy to focus on supporting student promotion rather                                          than retention. Outlines requirements schools and districts must take prior to a retention decision.  There have been                                          changes since first reading.

                     M.              Alternative Education Programs Policy 2.302
                                        Final reading of item to update the policy to remove outdated information and include best practices for alternative                                              schools.  There have been changes since first reading.

                     N.              Charter School Performance Framework
                                       Final reading of updates to the State Board’s charter school performance framework to align it to the state’s new                                                   accountability system under the Every Student Succeeds Act.  There have been changes since first reading.

                     O.              Recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance Policy 4.208
                                        Final reading of an item to update the formatting of the Recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance Policy to align with                                                  current Board practices.  There have been no changes since first reading.

                     P.               Board Meetings Policy 1.400
                                       Final reading of item to update the State Board’s meeting policy to update formatting and modernize meeting and                                               operational practices.

                    Q.               New Component to the Basic Education Program (BEP)
                                       Final reading to propose the addition of a new component for an academic interventionist to the BEP funding                                                       formula.

IV.               Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) Default Actions

                    A.              TSAC Defaults
                                      Final reading of the list of individuals who hold a teaching license and who have been identified by the Tennessee                                                Student Assistance Corporation as being in default on a student loan pursuant to T.C.A. 49-5-108(d)(2).

V.               Teacher License Actions

                   A.               John Angelin  – Suspension, concurrent

                   B.               Erica Brooks – Revocation                                                 

                   C.               Jim Clark – Revocation

                   D.              Bonnie Conn – Revocation

                   E.               Lee Andrew Daniels – Revocation
                   F.               Becky Glover – Formal reprimand

                   G.              Emily Haney – Revocation

                   H.              Brandon Hanson – Revocation

                   I.                Erik Hutchins – Revocation

                   J.                Sheri Hyatt – Agreed Order, voluntary surrender

                  K.               Eve Jarboe – Two (2) year suspension and proof of completed treatment program

                   L.               Jennifer Jarrell – Two (2) year suspension and proof of completed treatment program

                  M.              Kent Leatherwood – Revocation

                  N.              Regina McMillian –  Revocation

                  O.              Brett Thomas Meredith – Revocation

                  P.               Jarrett Owens – Revocation

                  Q.              Tecia Payton – Two (2) year suspension  (This item was removed at the meeting)

                  R.              Gary K. Potter – Seventeen (17) month suspension and proof of competed treatment program

                  S.              This action was vacated

                  T.              This action was vacated

                  U.             Zachary Taylor – Revocation

                  V.              Jeremey Varnell – Revocation

                 W.             Amanda Weber – Two (2) year suspension and proof of completed treatment program

VI.            Election of Board Officers

VII.          Adjournment